Sammy Solo's Salute to the Maliseet Trail

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The Maliseet Trail Crossing of 1964 by Dr. Peter Lewis Paul and Nicholas N. Smith

Sammy Says: "Now is the trip report that has it all...trouble crossing the boarder, bad weather, windbound on the Penobscot, lost film, and even speculation that Shamans were protecting the Trail by preventing a successfull crossing. The best part - it is about perhaps the two men most linked with the Trail in modern time- Dr. Peter Lewis Paul, of the Woodstock First Nation, and Nicholas N. Smith, of Maine. As we prepared for the Crossing of 2005, we connected with Nick who became a great source of information and encouragement. I also had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Paul's son Bill Paul while researching the Trail and he is one guy I've gotta talk to again. PS - Don't ya love reading typing from the pre-word processed era."

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Sammy Says: "The above picture of Dr Paul is quite famous and has shown up in a number of publications. Most of the people who used it never got Nick's permission, never bother to give Nick the credit, or knew the significance of the picture."

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