Sammy Solo's Salute to the Maliseet Trail

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Crossing 2005 Members - Craig Macdonald.

Sammy Says: "Craig was a big part of the crossing party, bring with him years of woodlands travel, the eye of an ethno-geographer, the ear of a linguist, plus a 2 1/4 pound axe, fire irons, and a Hudon Bay steel, split-jacket, canoe-pole tip."

Learn more about Craig Macdonald at:

To order Stuff by Craig contact him by telephone 1-705-635-3416, or by mail at Craig Macdonald RR# 1 Dwight, ON, P0A 1H0

He makes reflector ovens, Egyptian cotton tents, plus what you see below...

Here is a pic of Craig setting up his fire irons. These enabled us to prepare every meal of the trip over an open fire.

Back Paddle

This is a pic of the Canoe Pole Tips which Craig has manufactured, and he also sells.

Back Paddle

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