Sammy Solo's Salute to the Maliseet Trail

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Mike Krepner's Map for Native Trails

Sammy Says: "Mike Krepner's map has a special place of honor on this site, it was the first map of the Trial we found back in 2003. That year, if you "googled" Maliseet Trail, all you found were a few pages for hotels that listed the Maliseet (Hiking) Trail as a near by amenity ,and an earlier edition of Mike's map on the Davis Museum web site. You might like to know that one of Mike's canoe packs was used by Matt Hopkinson during the 2005 Crossing. I had the pleasure of tumping that pack, yes- tump line included along with conventional shoulder straps on the pack, a few kms and I can tell ya -I want one too. Contact Mike at to order yours. Matt H. tells me that Mike K. powers his shop with solar power. How cool is that? Here is link to a pic of Matt showing the tumpline and shoulder straps "

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