Sammy Solo's Salute to the Maliseet Trail

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The Legend of the Lost Maliseet Gold of 1777

Sammy Says: "This legend is one that everyone loves. Link the story to someone like Dr. George Frederick Clarke, and the appeal just gets better. Dr Clarke was a Woodstock dentist, author of at least 14 book and 60 short stories, historian, widely-known archaeologist having discovered over 100 pre-contact encampments, and friend of both Edwan Tappan Adney and Dr. Peter L. Paul. Clark's "Someone Before Us: Our Maritime Indians" is a great read with one edition's cover being graced by ET Adney's C 1893 painting of Noel Bear (Mooin) a famous Maliseet guide and hunter from the Tobique. In 2004, while reserching the Trail, I sat with GF Clarke Jr to discussed his father's thoughts on pre-contact portage routes and encampments - another highlight of the research. -Hope you enjoy the following (_;__)."

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