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A 2006 Crossing?

I've spoken to a number of people who are thinking about a 2006 crossing of the Trail. Are you thinking about a future crossing? If so contact Sammy and maybe I can help, I even know of people who would drive shuttle for ya.

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The 2006 Day Trips on the Trail.

Afternoon, 1 Day, or 2 Day Trips on the Maliseet Trail: Dates to Be Determined

Over the coming summer there will be a series of organized short trips on the Trail. One a simple deadwater afternoon trip to Molly's Rock, and the other a full-day or overnight trip DOWN the Eel River. Interested?

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The Afternoon Trip:

Deadwater Paddle to Molly's Rock, (1 hours up), Lunch (1-2 hour), paddle back to Benton (1 hours back). Great for the novice.

- Visit an historic first nation stopping place, boil up some tea, and enjoy the trail.
-Deadwater -Not dependant on water levels.

One Full Day or Over Nighter:

Start at either bridge over the upper Eel River going less than 20 kms down river to the Benton Deadwater by canoe. Nothing more than Class I or II rips.
- Pleasant paddling with a number of put-ins and take outs. -
- Varied landscape with little settlement in sight.
- Age old river-side portage trails used by up river paddlers but

not us we are going down hill :)
-C 1850 lumbering dam,
-Looking for the first-night encampment of 480 pro-continental congress Maliseets who crossed the Trail in 1777, and
-Tea stop Molly's Rock.

-Moving water with 3 put-in options so it can be done in varying water levels using different put-ins.

This approach is intended to get people on the Trail in 2006, and establish a series of weekend trips that people could do for years to come.

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