Sammy Solo's Salute to the Maliseet Trail



JW Bailey's 1894 text on historical references to the Eel River Lake to North Lake Portage Trail being worn several inches deep into solid granite.

Publication Appearing Here: Joseph Whitman Bailey, "The St. John River in Maine, Quebec, and New Brunswick" [microform].Cambridge, Massachussets: s.n., 1894

Source: and the Canadian Institute for Historic Microreproductions, 1981.

Sammy Says: Frederic Kidder's 1864 assumption that the Maliseet Trail is "..the most ancient evidence of mankind in New England." must be tempered with more recent discoveries; however, it remains a great quote.


PS "Pok'o'moonshine Brook is just above Molly's Rock and makes a great day-trip paddle from Benton" (_;__)

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